Thursday, September 29, 2011


Happy Navarathri to All.

Before I could finish with my Onam posts, Navarathri is here. We had been so busy over the last week or so preparing the house for the visit of our children in a couple of days, we hardly found the time to get ready for Navarathri. Somehow I managed to set up the kolu this evening; it is only half done, I hope to add some more sparkle to it.

I have already suggested Navarathri neyvedyams for all the 9 days. I shall add some more as I prepare some different neyvedyams this year. To start with, I prepared "Rava Ladoo"today, for the surprise guests who always turn up.

Happy Navarathri once again!


Kaveri said...

Nicely arranged golu Ammupatti. If you don't mind, I am also from Puthucode and I have always been wanting to ask you from which village are you? I am from the vadake gramama

Swathi said...

Amupatti golu looks super,rava laddu looks perfect.

Jaya said...

Happy Navarathri!! Beautiful Golu and yummy prasadam.


Narayan Swamy said...

It is lovely to see you celebrating all the festivals. I loved your rava laddoo. They are my favourite.... hope they have mundiri-parippu in it....

Happy Navaratri - yesterday was the Vetrillai Pakku at our house - I was not there, but my wife had Vegetable Sevai, Bonda and Pineapple Kesari for the guests..

Hope you like my this week's blog -

Ammupatti said...

Hi Kavery

Thanks much. It really peps me up when I see the encouraging comments from youngsters like you.

I am from Thekke gramam and what are your Bangalore connections? Call me when you are in Bangalore.

Take care.

Ammupatti said...

Thanks Swathi. How I wish I could offer you some laddus.

Best wishes

Ammupatti said...

Thanks Jaya.

Happy Navarathri.

Ammupatti said...

Hi Narayanswamy

Yes, my laddoos have munthiri parippu and drakshai in them. Why dont you come and taste.

I really enjoy reading your blog posts, your way of connecting motahalais and muzhankals so beautifully.

Happy Navarathri.

Kaveri said...

I used to live in Bangalore but have moved to Hyderabad last year.. but my mom and brother live in Bangalore..will definitely get in touch with you when I'm in Bangalore...Do you generally go for Puthucode Navarathri? My chittappas and brother make it almost every year..though I haven't been able to make it even once till now...have to go once