Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Your onam story for the week

Well another Onam is over and we are all back to our usual routine. Our handsome and charming son who now lives in the US celebrated Onam in his own way. He had invited a couple of friends, among whom was an American friend of his who loves Indian food, for his Onam dinner. When our son invited Scott, he asked him what food he was preparing for the dinner. Our son told him the menu which included aviyal. Scott asked him what aviyal was and our son said, “you will know when you come for the dinner.”

On Onam day, his friends arrived and they were all at the dinner table.Scott  (who had done an elaborate search on the Internet to find out what aviyal was) asked our son which of the dishes was aviyal. He tasted the aviyal and was very impressed and asked our son, “do you know there is an interesting story about how aviyal came into existence?” Our son asked him what the story was and Scott narrated the story about the Maharaja of Travancore at the Murajapuram Vedic seminar. Our son asked him where he found this story. Scott said, “you know, there is an interesting blog site by name “Ammupatti’s Thoughts”. That is where I picked this story”. It truly is a small World Wide Web.