Monday, November 30, 2009

Important festivals in December 2009

1st December 2009 - Karthikai Deepam

Karthikai Deepam is an important festival in the Tamil calendar. From the 1st day of the Karthikai (Vrichikam) month small terracotta lamps are lit in the front of the house and on Karthikai day many lamps are lit. In the evening, pooja is offered to Lord Shiva after lighting the lamp in the pooja room. The neyvedyam includes sweet pori, Neyyappam, Adai and fruits.

31st December 2009 - Thiruvathira

There are two views about the exact date of the festival. Some calendars say it is on the 31st December 2009 and yet others say it is on the 1st of January 2010. Well, I am going to decide when to celebrate only closer to the festival.

The neyvedyam for Thiruvathira is of course, Kali and Kari.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Comments Roundup

As I had mentioned earlier I had not been giving much attention to my blog in the past couple of months due to personal work pressure. I have always been responding to all the comments that appeared from my beloved readers. For the past months I had not been able to do so. I thought it would be appropriate if I wrote my responses in a separate post so that all those who had sent comments could see them .

Anonymous said...
It would have been wonderful to give birth in these condition. In today's world, where I live, I have no family support and no question of a maid. I have to go back to work in 6 weeks and need to find somebody to take care of my baby. Nobody is there to massage and I have to cook my own food. No wonder the child falls sick because the mother is in constant stress. I have to do this to support my family back home but nobody there wants to come and lend a hand because they get bored in US of A. They don't know what to do here, and so they don't really care.

Hi Anonymous

It is really sad that you are so stressed out at a time when you must be relaxed to take care of the growing baby. I do wish you will be able to get some help locally and or take some time off to take care of yourself and your baby. Best wishes.

Kaiser Soze said...
It came out really well. I added a pinch of turmeric, it tasted great. Thanks for the recipe!

Thaen said...
Today I made your recepie.. it came out really well. Since we have sugar, i added sugar free tablets instead of sugar. Thanks for the recepie...!!!

Hi Kaiser and Thaen

I am glad your kesari came out well. Have a nice Diwali.

Gayathri said...
Dear Ammupatti,
Thanks for a wonderful and easy recipe. I made Paal Payasam for neivedhyam yesterday and it turned out great. I loved the pink color of the payasam especially.

Hi Gayathri

I am glad your payasam turned out great. Best wishes.

Think Shink said...
Dear Maami,
(if I may call you so), I love your blog although I have read only a couple of pages. It brings abck my childhood and all the relatives I know. Today I have just married a bengali guy and feel a little well . . out of touch with my childhood tambram traditions. Your blog will help me a lot in not feeling like that part of my life is far far away. Do keep writing

Hi Think Shink

I am glad that you feel my blog will help you to keep rooted with your traditions. Wherever you go, one can never forget one’s roots or traditions or childhood. It will always be within and give the much needed moral support at the hour of need. I wish you a happy married life. By the way, how did you celebrate Durga Pooja? Happy Diwali( or Kali Pooja)

Jennifer said...
Thanks for sharing this. I was really confused about this as the Malayalam calendar did not list Krishna Jayanthi in August...

How is the household celebrations of Krishna Jayanthi in Kerala on Sept 11 similar or different than how it is celebrated in other parts of India?

Hi Jennifer

The house hold celebrations of Krishan Jayanthi differs at different parts of Kerala. Most people have a pooja at home but the main pooja is usually in the local temple. People take out procession of little children dressed as Krishna accompanied by an orchestra of drums, flutes, etc.In the famous Guruvayoor temple of Kerala, there are elaborate celebrations on Krishna Jayanthi.

Happy Diwali

By the way, how was your India trip?

Manju said...
Congratulations on you completing 200 posts. i adore your writing style and your recipes. keep up the good work and continue to be inspiration to all of us.

Thanks Manju. Happy Diwali

Anonymous said...
well, been doing my research on sambar podis... tamils sometimes use toor dhal and pepper also in sambar podi. and the keralites have no concept called sambar podi - just their style of cooking :-) and boy does their sambar taste lovely...

Hi Anonymous

It is true that Keralites had no concept of Sambar Podi until a few years ago. They made all their curries with fresh ground masalas and the taste as you said was simply superb. With the busy life catching up with them, Kerala also has a good market for ready made powders now.

Roops said...
made kozhukattais using your recipe. Thanks! By the way, which city are you from? My dad's name is Puthucode Rama Iyer Kasi Vishwanathan but he grew up in Chelakkara. He is now in Mumbai. What about you?

Hi Roops

Nice to know about your Puthucode connections. I grew up in Puthucode and have made Bangalore my home for the past 35 years. Are you Mr.Ramchander’s niece?
Happy Diwai

Sujie said...

Thanks for posting this great recipe. I have tried semiya payasam so many times before but got it right and this time it was perfect. Keep up the great work!!. The best thing about your recipes are you tell us how to check the consistency, and at what stage you add - so it is all step by step which is excellent..i never found a better recipe online ..thanks :)

Thanks Sujie and Happy Diwali

Sandi said...
Hi Ammu patti,

This recipe is excellent!I have made semiya payasam couple of times before, but has never been so good. Thanks once again!
Keep posting such great recipes.

Hi Sandi

Thanks and Happy Diwali

Vinitha said...
This is one is Mangalorean? Cool I must really try this sometime and you have recipes for most of my favorite dishes like Kashi halwa etc..loved your blog :)

Hi Vinitha

Hope your cucumber dosa came right. Incidentally we had cucumber dosa for breakfast again today.

Happy Diwali

Parvathy said...
Hi Ammu.. Today i did kalan for onam.. Man.. came out just like my mother used to make.. Cheers.. Looking forward for more of ur recipes :)

Hi Parvathy

I am glad you got your Kalan right. Will certainly post more. Happy Diwali

Nisha said...
How to make curd sour, as here in US, I get curd or buttermilk which is not as sour as we get in India..I made kaalan twice, and both the times, the curd got seperated...pls help me..

Hi Nisha

It is true that your curd or buttermilk doesn’t turn sour in the US. because of the weather. While I was there, I used to make sour buttermilk by keeping the pot at a warmer place like a heated room or in the sun for a day or two. Try it out and I am sure you will get good results. Best wishes

radha said...
Can you give the recipe of the sweet tomato pachadi made at tamilian weddings? Thank you

Hi radha

I shall soon

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...
i liked the simplicity of the blog.lovely.Theres one more thing dear friend,can i use ur images in my decor blog,where i am going to write an article about athapookalam designs.i shall give alink to ur blog too.if u can give ur consent ,it would be fine.thanks you.
loved the simplicity of ur designs.some traditional and not the ones used for competitions.very grounded ones with kolams do write to em and visit my blogs too

Hi Lakshmi

You can certainly use my images giving due credit. You may also give a link to my blog.

Best wishes

geevi said...
Can you give us some good recipes for chundal?

Thank u

Hi geevi

I know that a response delayed is a response denied. Sorry, I could not post any chundal recipes in time. Perhaps before next Navarathri.

Best wishes

Parvathy said...
This recipe is very good, I knew how to make it, my mother-in-law makes it. I had a confusion in the consistency of the rice paste and whether we have to smear oil on the elai. Have some elais which we bought for onam lying, so thought of making elaiadai. Just checked in the net, your recipe was very useful.Thank you!
Hope you will post authentic and traditional kerala iyer recipes in the net again...


Hi Parvathy

I hope your elai adais came good. Shall try my level best to post more recipes.

Best wishes

Janaki Gopikrishna said...
can u kindly post prasadams for the nine days of navaratri. fast and easy ways to make it for Devi..

Hi Janaki

I am sure you made different kinds of neyvedyams for devi on all the 9 days.
Best wishes

Malathy Nair said...

I love Puthukode because my childhood was there. My mind is till there now the time of Navaratri.

Hi Malathy

Hope you could visit Puthucode during Navarathri.

Best wishes

Thanu said...
Hi, My MIL was fretting about some leftover ashgourd and when i googled for the halwa recipe, yours was the first in the search results. I followed your recipe except i didnt use the exact measurements.The taste was really good. Everyone including my MIL loved it. Thanks for a foolproof recipe [:D]

Hi Thanu

I am glad your halwa tasted good. Best wishes

Sandi said...
Hi Ammu patti,

This recipe is excellent!I have made semiya payasam couple of times before, but has never been so good. Thanks once again!
Keep posting such great recipes.

Hi Sandi

I am glad your semiya payasam turned out well.

Best wishes

Life Lessons from a Late Bloomer said...
I am lost for words and all that I can say is I am blessed to get into your web page on this Saraswathy Pooja/Vijayadasami day and get into know about Puthucode Bhagavathy, Sri Annapoorneswari. I really enjoy reciting, and I feel like talking to The Mother, whenever I recite Adi Shankaracharya's Annapoorna Ashtotram. I pray that She will one day take me to Puthucode. I can't wait to offer my prayers to Her.

Thank You, and very nice blog!

I am sure with Bhagavathy’s Blessings you will be able to visit and offer prayers at Puthucode Annapoorneswari temple soon.

Best wishes

ANANTHA said...
My self belongs to Puthucode South Village. I am very much proud to be a Puthucodian.

Hi Anantha

I am glad to get in touch with another Puthucodian. Which house do you belong to?

Best wishes

Rajashri said...
Hi Ammu patti,
Can you share the exact quantity of water and sugar needed to make 2 thread consistency?

Hi Rajashri
There is no exact measurement of water and sugar. The consistency is got as the sugar solution thickens. My thumb rule is to add just enough water to dissolve the sugar.

Best wishes

Lux said...
Thank you for the post!

Glad to know that you are hale and hearty :)

Hi Lux

Thanks for your concern.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...
very nice pictures of the temple. In my childhood years, I use to spend my school holidays with my grandparents in the South Village every year and loved the time I spent there. I haven't been to Puthucode for years, but will be going in couple of weeks.

Hi Anonymous

I hope you were able to go to Puthucode . Out of curiosity, who are your grandparents?

Best wishes

Rama said...
How to make the dry fruit powder? Just grind it in mixie or some processing is required before grinding?

Hi Rama
Just grind it in mixie.

Best wishes

Harini said...
Hi bhagavathy, ur halwa looks bright and yummy , had this halwa only in marriages (incluiding mine :-))I'm gonna try this as an extra sweet for diwali... i believe it should come out awesome...
Even i've started blogging last week.. check out and share your comments

Keep posting !!!


Hi Harini

Deepavalikku Halwa panninaya, supera vanduda? Un bloge pathen. Just Superb.

Best wishes

Janaki Gopikrishna said...
my mom was here this week and we made all the palaharams

Hi Janaki

You did not tell us what all palaharams you and your mom made.

Best wishes

Viji said...

I am a silent follwer of your blog for (more than) a while now and wanted to wish you and your family a very happy Deepavali.

I very much enjoy reading your blog - your recipes, your opinions and comments.

I am sorry to read that your spirits are a bit low at this point in time but anything that goes down has to come up.


(I know there are so many Vijis in the blogsphere and this Viji happens to live at Pittsburgh USA - at least for the time being :-))

Hi Viji

Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog and also for your concern.

Best wishes

DeEpAk said...
Hi Paati,

Thanks for the recipe. But, ravai lumps prevent panrathukku, fry panna ravaiku boiling water add pannen, my mom's suggestion. I had tried rava uppma earlier and ravai lumps form aachi.


Hi Deepak
I am glad you got good results following your mom’s suggestion.
Best wishes

Lux said...
yummilicious picture....especially those mysore pak ....can row a boat in my mouth now...Lookin' fwd for the recipes ammupatti.

Hi Lux

Very soon.
Best wishes

Deepa said...
WOW.... what an amazing Blog... I love the piece on festivals and Iyer traditions... when my north indian friends tell me that after Diwali, the only festival they have is Holi, I happily reel off Karthigai, Thiruvathurai, Sankranthi, Thai Poosam, Nombu, Ram Navami etc... such wonderful traditions.. thank you, Ammu Patti.

Loots of Love & a BIG HUG to you ( I miss my patti so much)


Hi Deepa
Thanks much. Lots of love

Anonymous said...
mami, we make these too, but spiced with chilli pd. for the strangest reason( both my sisters-in-law find this hilarious) it is called "mannangatti Kozhukattai" ( mud / dirt ball in tamil!) maybe the colur is a brick red... i dont know.... but we love the spicy kick and the yummy taste!

Hi Anonymous

Wonderful name – Mannangatti kozhukattai. I am reminded of my grandmom who used to say,”mannu mathiri erukku” if she did not like the taste of some dish. My uncle used to tease her asking, “Mannu thinnurikkiya”

Anonymous said...
YUMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! looks like your mil is like my mum! my mum makes it for every reason - may my kids do well in their exams, may we get so and so, thank you for so and so, during aadi vellikazhamai's, during sankatahara chaturthi etc! not that we complain - we gobble it up before you can write K... and mami, my mothers kozhukattai's can create a world record - tiny, bursting with filling, a skin softer and thinner than a baby's skin... awesome... am hungry! Wish I were as good as her though....

Hi anonymous

I am sure with practice you will become as good as her in all fields.

Best wishes

Sumi said...
hmmm, tad same but very different from how we Thanjavur folks celebrate Diwali. we wake up at 3 am, but instead of ukkarai or any other sweet, the first thing they give us after ''ganga snanam'' is ''deppavali marundhu, aka legiyam''. nice i crave for ukkarai. amma makes the best ukkarai, am sure u do too.

Hi Sumi

Since we do not have varieties of sweets we do not have marundu. Yes my ukkarai came out very well. I shall post the recipe soon.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...
hello aunty,
i'm anand's batchmate in rec calicut, also frm blore....its nice reading ur blog
-karthik M

Hi Karthik
Nice to receive a comment from Anand’s batch mate. Where are you now?

Best wishes

Name said...
Hmm, I am not sure in which part of kerala is puthukotta, but my parents(both based on trivandrum) had stories of bursting crackers on diwali. I even remember my grandma telling me abt bursting crackers during deepavali. So i guess that was there from ages...We used to do enna thechu kuli in mornin and ate lots of sweets and savouries . Parippu vada and kaliodakka(kalivadakka) were must_made_items on the eve of diwali

Hi Name
Trivandrum being the capital of Kerala and also because of the proximity to Tamil Nadu always had great Tamil influence in its culture. And also I have heard that there are many 1st generation tamils in Trivandrum. So they follow the tamil tradition of bursting crackers for Deepavali. Towards Northern Kerala, there is no bursting of crackers for Deepavali to this day.
Best wishes

Oops. Big job. Must never postpone responding.

Best wishes to all

Important festivals in November 2009

This year, the month of November does not have any important festival that we observe. Usually, we have either Deepavali or Karthikai in the month of November. This year, however, Deepavali was celebrated in October and Karthikai falls in December. The people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have already celebrated Karthik Poornima on the 2nd November. This is again because, as I had said earlier, the Tamils and the Keralaites observe Souramana Ugadi or Solar year and people in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh observe Chandramana Ugadi or the Lunar year. According to lunar year the month of Karthik begins on the new moon day, which happened to be the day of Deepavali this year, where as for people observing Solar year the month of Karthikai or Vrichikam begins on the 16th November. The full moon day following 16th November is celebrated as Karthikai in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. More about Karthikai later.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The story of Narakasura

Following up on my Deepavali post, I decided to post the story of Narakasura. I have posted it on Kathai Kathaiyam. Please read and enjoy.