Monday, September 08, 2008

Seventh Day of Onam


renuramanath said...

dear ammupatti, its so heartening to see your beautiful pookkalam-s ! especially since these days people hardly bother to pluck flowers from their own gardens and make simple pookkalams such as these. everywhere in kerala i'm realy fed up of seeing the huge designs that get created in the name of pookkalam with the same variety of flowers purchased from the flower shop. your pookkalam-s really represent the spirit of onam. my father, all of 76 years old, makes pookkalam-s every day of onam, with flowers from our garden, whether or not anyone else joins him !

Ammupatti said...

Dear Renu

I am glad you like my pookkalams, we used to call it as simply "Onam". Have you put Onam?, we used to ask one another. I dont like to make pookkalams with shop bought flowers either. However, not every body has the luxury of a garden at home. It is the older generation that likes to keep up the tradition, may be because they have all the time. Give my regards to your father. Happy Onam to you and your family.


Jennifer said...

Very beautiful. Much thanks to your charming son for posting these beautiful photos.