Sunday, September 07, 2008

Recipe: Ammini Kozhukkattai

Ammini Kozhukkattai means small kozhukkattais. We make both sweet and salty ammini kozhukkattais. The salty ones are also known as Porichukottina Kozhukkattai as they are stir fried in hot oil tempered with mustard and other seasonings, a process known known as Porichukottal in Kerala Tamil and Porithukottal or Thalithu kottal in Pure Tamil. They are very tasty and are good for breakfast or evening snack. I had been wanting to make ammini kozhukkattai for a long time, but as usual it kept getting postponed. So when I was making the rice dough for sweet kozhukkattai for Ganesh Chaturthi, I made a little extra dough, so I could schedule amminis for the evening. Here is the recipe.


Rice flour : 1 cup
Water : 2 cups
Salt to taste
Coconut oil : 1 tbsp + 1 tsp
Mustard : 1 tsp
Split urad dal : 1tsp
Chana dal : 1tsp
Red chillies: 1or 2
Curry leaves : few
Hing : ¼ tsp
Coconut gratings: 1 tbsp.(optional)
Turmeric powder : 1tsp(optional)


Heat a thick bottomed pan and add 1 tsp of coconut oil to it. Add one cup of water and salt and allow to boil. Mix the rice flour with 1 cup of water and add to the boiling water and stir continuously. When the dough leaves the sides of the pan in a ball, remove from the stove. Keep covered for 10 minutes. When cool, smear a little oil in your palms and knead the dough well . Make small marble sized balls out of the dough and steam in a steamer or idli cooker for 20 minutes. Allow to cool.

Heat the remaining oil in a pan and when the oil starts smoking, add the hing, mustard, urad dal, chana dal and broken red chillies. When the dals starts turning pink add the curry leaves and turmeric powder. Add the steamed kozhukkattais and grated coconut and stir fry for 5 minutes. If the kozhukkattais are steamed properly, they will not break while stir frying. Remove from stove and enjoy yummy ammini kozhukkattais!

I had not been using turmeric powder, all these days while making ammini kozhukkattais. This time, however, hubby dear asked me add turmeric powder, as he had seen someone using turmeric powder for ammini kozhukkattai on one of the cookery shows on the TV. Hence the addition of turmeric powder (optional).


Aparna said...

You just reminded me I haven't made this favourite in some time!

Sunshinemom said...

This year for the first time, I just somehow forgot these during vinayaka chathurthi!

Ammupatti said...

Hi Aparna and sunshinemom

I am sure you would have made amminikozhukkattais after reading the post.

Happy Onam

Sangeeth said...

surely will try them soon.. look at t hem ...yummy and cute

Anonymous said...


I am a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for the great recipes. For this recipe and sweet kozhukkattai, do you use the rice flour that we get in the store or you powder the rice.

Happy onam!


Bhawana said...

This looks is very nice and tempting. Good one. A new recipw for me.

Ammupatti said...

Hi Sangeeth and Bhawana

Hope you tried making them and they turned out as yummy as they look.

Best wishes.

Ammupatti said...

Hi anonymous

I always use homemade rice flour for all my preparations.

Happy Onam

santa said...

Namaskaram Ammupatti-

Your blogs take me back to my roots, its a fantastic feeling. Although we do many of the things for various festivals, they are often disjointed effort, half-baked in many ways. Just to read about Avani Avittam and its full blown celebration at your home was very touching. I am happy for you that all of you are together after many years.


Anonymous said...


I came across your blog during a search for a restaurant in bangalore that serves palakkad iyer food. You see, I'm working alone here and missing my mom's molakootal and olan. Looking at the ammini kozhakattais made me nostalgic all over again. Do you know of any restaurants anywhere in Bangalore where I can get authentic palakkad food?
Thanks a lot :)

Ammupatti said...

Hi Santa

I am glad reading my post took you back to your roots. Incidentally I read your posts about Vechoor. Really interesting.

Ammupatti said...

Hi Anonymous

I can understand your longing for Molakoottal and Olan. We dont eat out much and on the rare occasions that we do, we actually do not look for places that serve Palakkad cuisine. So I am sorry I am not of big help there. However, I have heard that a hotel in Malleswaram serves Palakkad food. You might get Avial and Sambar there, Molakootal? All the best.

Anonymous said...

mami, we make these too, but spiced with chilli pd. for the strangest reason( both my sisters-in-law find this hilarious) it is called "mannangatti Kozhukattai" ( mud / dirt ball in tamil!) maybe the colur is a brick red... i dont know.... but we love the spicy kick and the yummy taste!

Hai Baji said...
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