Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ayilyam and Moolam (redux)

There have been many desperate questions asked here regarding the ill effects of Moolam and Ayilyam. At the very outset, let me clarify that my inspriation for writing that blog post was only a phone call from a distressed father whose daughter’s birthstar was Moolam. It reminded me of the various sayings about various birth stars. They are all based on the customs being followed by the society at large. Other than that, I have not done any astrological or vedic research to find the truth behind these sayings.

As such, as I have written many people simply follow the custom, thinking that if so many people follow it, there must be something in it. At the same time, I have also heard from people who run to the astrologer for every small disturbance in their life that they don’t believe in the saying that girls born with Moolam and Ayilyam stars bring ill luck to the husband’s parents. I have also come across situations where the marriage of the boy has been delayed for long period because his birthstar is moolam or ayilyam, though the saying goes, “Aan moolam arasalum” (the man with bithstar moolam will rule the country).

All these beliefs came into existence when the marriages were fixed solely by the elders of the family and the groom and bride just tied the knots as per the elders’ wishes. They had no say whatsoever in the selection of their partners. The elders made sure that they selected the groom or bride as per their beliefs. There was no question of selecting a bride or groom if they thought the birthstars or horoscopes did not match. Many a time, the father or mother of the groom (when the other parent was not alive) came forward voluntarily to accept a girl with moolam or ayilyam, to the relief of the girl’s parents.

In today’s world, when most of the girls and boys select their partners, it is not possible to observe such customs. No girl or boy is going to find out about the other’s birth star when they start seeing each other. It would perhaps be prudent for the girls and boys to give enough importance to such matters, if they know about their parents’ views on these. It may save them from a lot of disappointment and distress, if they still want to get married with the blessings of their parents. Or else they should be brave enough to shoulder the responsibility of their decision. After all, as I have said, Moolam and Ayilyam are not considered to bring bad luck among many other communities in our society.

In the olden days, the horoscopes were matched by learned astrologers alone, whereas today we see that everyone has something to say about horoscope matching and hence so many right or wrong dos and donts. No one wants to ignore any astrological advice, whether coming from an astrologer or a common man. They are so confused and do not want to take any chances. I have even heard people saying that only 3 or 4 stars will match with some particular star and so on. All these things have made selection of a good alliance even more difficult.


V said...

This post reminded me of why I am a faithful reader of your (primarily) cooking blog even though I am only an occasional cook. It is always filled with common sense, no matter what the subject.

As a jyotishi, I understand the limited circumstances in which one needs to be cautious about Ayilyam and Moolam (Ashlesha and Moola). The irony of the situation is two-fold, however. Fistly, there are many combinations in which these birth stars can be excellent. For instance, Moola can be an indicator of excellent thinkers. Secondly, other birth stars can be equally problematic or wonderful, depending on the combination, but if there is not a memorable saying about it, the layperson does not know it. The irony, then, is that people may run away from an excellent Moola combination to another combination that is problematic, and not even know that is what they are doing. Perhaps these too are the unfolding of karmaphala...

Ammupatti said...

Hi V

Thanks for the professional advice. If you are a practicing Jyothishi, it would help the desperate girls like Smiley and R, if you could tell us what combination of the stars are good for grooms. Or else if you can give your contact details, perhaps they could contact you.


V said...

Hi Ammupatti,

Unfortunately, much as one might wish it were so, these are not formulaic combinations that can be listed in a simple table. Matching a prospective bride and groom is a custom, time-consuming job. There are no short-cuts to doing it properly. Someone in the U.S. who needs to do a horoscope match can send an email to I would recommend others to look locally, being skeptical of anyone who spouts a canned, simplistic formula.

Thank you.

Ammupatti said...

Hi V

Thank you for your contact details. I am sure our readers will make use of your kind gesture.

Best wishes