Thursday, November 29, 2007


Usually when the phone rings so early in the morning, these are the two questions that pop up in our minds, "who," and "when." Recently we have acquired a caller identity phone and so the only question I should have asked was, "when." However, I said the usual "hello" and my brother-in-law said, "Chithappa passed away at 2.30am."

Chithappa was the youngest brother of my father-in-law and the last surviving member of that generation. My first reaction was along the lines of my mother-in-law’s "He escaped"(pozhachukindar), meaning, "he escaped further suffering." These are the words used whenever people pass away after prolonged suffering. He was 92 and had been confined to the four walls of his room for the past 4-5 years and would move with difficulty only to go the bathroom. He had had a fall 6 months ago and ever since he had been immobile and in great pain.He was fortunate to have a caring son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren who took care of his every need, his own wife having passed away 15 years ago. So "Pozhachukindar," was the right word to use.

After the initial enquiries about the funeral and other things, the impact of the early morning call started to sink in. Here we were all ready to leave for Delhi the next morning and from there to Hyderabad and thence to Bangalore, all tickets booked and ready in hand. So the first task was to cancel these tickets and book tickets to Chennai and back to attend the rites in connection with Kunjappa’s (that’s what we called him) passing.

All this rescheduling meant I had one week for myself, which I needed very badly. I thanked Kunjappa for his perfect timing and relaxed for a couple of days before I started doing my unfinished work.


Pushpa said...

Hello Ammupatti,

My heartfelt condolence regarding your chittappa... I relate to the word "Pozhachukindar," very much 'cos my grandmother passed away a few months back and she also was a total vegetable where everything had to be done bye her son and daughter-in-law. When she died, everyone said she is at peace now cos it was better of this way than she living a life of a vegetable they felt... yet we miss her dearly...


vimmi said...

Its sad when a dear one passes on, but he was with his loved ones till the end. And its admirable in this day and age that his son and DIL were there for him. Please accept my condolences.

enkay said...

dear ammupatti
sad to hear abt your kunjappa.
my heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
its after almost a month that i visited your blog today, read all the good and bad and sad experiences u had this last couple of months. hope that you have the strenght to pull through this phase of life also.