Saturday, November 17, 2007

Busy times

It has been more than a month since I sat to write a new blog post and what a busy and exhausting time it has been! I was actually all ready to post my Navarathri thoughts when I came down with a nasty viral fever that sapped the juice out of me. Even before I could recoup from the after effects of the fever, I came to Bangalore on a short visit, my itinerary all planned and I did not have a single moment’s free time. I had been away from Bangalore for 4 months and putting the house back in working condition takes days in ordinary circumstances. And here I had 50% of the household packed and 50% of the packed items shifted to another house. When we had planned our move to a newer place and packed our items and shifted half the things, our younger (need I say, h&c) son, called and put a stop to all the proceedings. “Give me some time, he said, before you take any decision about the move.” So we froze all our plans. And so when we returned from Hyderbad, also to receive our younger son back to India for good, our rooms still were packed with cartons. I was reminded of the story of Kanyakumari. Legend has it that, Adishakthi as a young girl (Kannika) was doing penance at the southernmost tip of India to win the affection of Lord Siva. As the incarnation of Adishakthi as Kannika was to slay the demon king Baanasura, the devas were not in favour of the marriage between devi and Lord Siva. Hence the muhurtham for the marriage was fixed before the daybreak. As the procession of the Bridegroom with his entourage was on way, one of the devas (I don’t remember if it was Lord Indra or Mahavishnu) in the guise of a rooster crowed heralding the day break. The bridegroom and party had to return as the muhurtham had lapsed. A disappointed Devi decided to remain a virgin and hence the name of the Goddess as Kanyakumari (virgin Goddess) As all the preparations for the marriage were already underway, all the vegetables and other things turned into stone and hence even today one can see stones in different shapes and multicolored sand on the Kanyakumari coast. Similarly, when our son asked us to stop our move, everything froze and the packed cartons remained where they were.The first job for us, then was to make room for our son and the baggage he was bringing. We had to once again fill the cupboards and lofts with the things we had emptied from them.
We were having heavy rains in Bangalore and the weather was chill. I started looking for blankets inside the cartons and after searching for few hours, realized that they have been shifted to the new premises. This meant a trip to the new place to bring the blankets and bedsheets back.

Our son returned home after spending 11 years in the US. We are feeling great. All our friends are saying, “how lucky you are, your son has decided to come back and spend time with you.” Until now, every time he came home on vacations, I would plan all the programs during his stay not to mention, the menu for each meal. This time around, I don’t get to see him at all as he is busy running around to get set up to start work as soon as possible. He continued to work from where he left at his office in US, from the moment he reached home. Getting a mobile and broadband connection took almost 3 to 4 days.

Our elder (also very h&c) son was also coming to meet his brother and this meant preparing another room. Diwali was around the corner. For the past 19 years, Diwali has meant “anniversary” of my father-in-law and preparations for the Sradham. I started looking for the special utensils meant for the sradham and of course they were all in the new flat.The incessant rain crimped our ability to move around at our will. Somehow we made the trip to the new place and brought back all the necessary things. The sradham was conducted to everyones satisfaction. Now we had to start taking stock of the inventory in the kitchen to the minimal required for our son to manage comfortably when he stayed here by himself. (We were going to Delhi to attend the seemaaantham of my sister-in-law’s daughter-in-law in another 4 days). Again hectic repacking and reorganizing. It was Saturday evening and my mind boggled with the list of things to do on Sunday, before we caught the flight on Monday early morning. I was not able to sleep and decided to get out of bed and start doing my chores at least. Then the phone rang.


vimmi said...

I love reading ur posts. Life in India is so busy. We (my hubby and I) have been in the USa for 6 yrs andplan to return in another 3 yrs. I really miss India so much and also our relatives. I am so delighted for u that ur sn is back there.

Ammupatti said...

Hi Vimmi

I wholeheatedly wish your plans of returning to India come true!

Pushpa said...

Hello ammupatti,

Hope your health is fine now, I bet it would be with the return of your son.... Anyways glad to hear from you after a long time... take care.

Ammupatti said...

Hi Pushpa

Thanx. I am fine now.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to your posts almost everyday. And here it is with a good news that your son is back to India for good. Really that is a wonderful news. Life is so wonderful there in India - I miss being in India. It has not been one year since I came to USA, I am already fedup. Lucky you and your son to be back in India. My best wishes to your family.

Anonymous said...


i stumbled upon this blog when i was looking up for palghat recipes. i am reminded of the various goodies my mother used to make. we are also from palghat (though i have never been there). i vaguely remember something called "ulundu usili". is there some such things and if so, how does one make it?

would appreciate your help.

thanks and regards,

indudesigns said...

My friend sent this blog to me. My father is alo from Puthucode. I lived in the US for 18 yrs and now i am here in hyderabad with family for 2 years. We were at the Puthucode Navarathri festival this year.We are from wadakey Gramam and i am Mani's grand dughter. We used to live in Kulangara madom. How do you make the Puthucode pulungari! Please send me the recipe.


Indu Vaidyanathan

Ammupatti said...

Hi Everybody

Thanks for the good wishes.

Ammupatti said...

Hi Indu

I am glad to hear from a fellow Puthocodian. I am also very happy for you and your family that you were able to attend the Navarathri this year.

Ms.Saroja of Kulangara Madhom was couple of years senior to me in school.

I shall post Pulunkari recipe soon.

By the way I am in Hyderabad now.

Best wishes

indudesigns said...

gr8 to hear from you. My Father is in chennai and his name is P.S Vaidyanathan also known as Raju and he used to be the asst editor with the hindu. I live in gachibowli. You can e-mail me directly at
i hope we can connect and looking fwd to the pulungari recipe!