Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Long timeout

It has been a long time since I posted, and it will be longer still before I get another chance to post. First we had Vishu, then we had to move our home, and now I'm off on to a family ceremony for my nephew's thread ceremony (pictures of Puthucode when I return!).

In the meanwhile if you folks can post comments about things you'd like me to write about, please do so, it will give me a good list to start off with when I get back.


Vidya said...

Hello Ammupaatti,

Stumbled on your blog recently and read a lot of your posts and liked them a lot. I had forgotten what we used to do during grahanam and was surprised to remember a lot of things my paatti said and did after reading your post.

Please do write in detail about Poonal kalyanam and valakaappu-seemantham. Also please add a Label called 'Functions' or 'Customs in Iyer families' so that it is easier for us to sort through the posts.

I really appreciate your taking the time to post. Will be especially useful since we stay away from parents/in-laws and hope this is a lot useful in your family too.


Revathi said...

Wow Ammupaati
Stumbled on your blog its very nice to see the customs and traditions of yesteryears. I especially enjoyed how women rest after childbirth.. Please do post such customs and traditions. Food that served as medicine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ammupatti
Enjoyed your write up about the Iyer wedding and the list of mouthwatering dishes.
Please write more and more. It is so nostalgic to read all this since we are so far away from home.

warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello Ammupatti
How abt posting some recipes specific to certain festivals. i guess Ram navami is the next one? not even sure anymore of what is celebrated when.

pushpa said...

Hi Ammupati,

Can you pls give me recipes for different side dishes iyer's parepare 'cos my husband relishes them and I know only avial. He was mentioning some vegetable called "elavan", I guess white gourd, can u give me a recipe for this... I absolutely enjoy trying out the recipes u post...Keep up the good work...

Ammupatti said...

pushpa: see other posts on this blog. For instance olan, kashi halwa etc for recipes containing elavan.

Swetha Iyer said...

Hello Ammupatti..

One fantastic blog you got here. Going by your writing its hard to imagine you as a 'paati'..:) BTW, here is a short story I had written called - The Chronicles of a Palakkad Maami.http://whiterays.blogspot.com/2007/05/fiction-indomitable-palakkad-mami.html
Do check it out when you find time.

You got lots of stuff here in your blog which will ensure I keep visiting back.

Subha said...

dear ammupatti,
i have been a regular visitor to ur blog since the past few months. i must say what a awesome blog u have put up..well, i came across some fanatastic recipes and tried them too & my family and i thoroughly relished it...infact i am in the family way-its my second baby & i have developed an immense craving for traditional iyer sweets.. ur recipes are really satisfying my tastebuds and keeping my baby and me really happy..actually i stay in uae and so i really miss my mom-in-law and my mom & their wonderful cooking...but ur blog is catering to my taste buds...thank u sooo much paati..

Ammupatti said...

Hi Subha

I am glad you are able to make good food that your family enjoy by following my recipes.

Congratulations to the soon to be mother of two. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and a bonny baby.

Best wishes