Thursday, March 01, 2007

Recipe: Kashi Halwa

Having aroused the appetite of everybody by giving a big list of the goodies we had during the wedding, I feel it only proper to give the recipe of some of the goodies we had. We already have recipes of Rava Kesari, Aviyal, Olan, Nendran Chips, Sarkkarai puratti, Sambar, Kalan, Idli Molagai podi, Puliyodarai, etc.

We will now prepare Kashi Halwa. Many people are under the impression that Kashi Halwa is some special sweet of the city of Kashi or Benares. Far from it, Kashi Phal in Hindi means ash gourd or winter melon, Vellai Pooshanikkai in Tamil, Elavan or Kumbalanga in Malayalam, Kumbalakkai in Kannada Boodha Gummidikkai in Telugu. This vegetable is cooling, and also a laxative and diuretic. Additionally, it supplies bulk with a low calorie count. The juice of this vegetable is said to have many medicinal properties. This vegetable can be used to prepare many dishes (for instance, olan). Kashi Halwa, however tops the list.

To prepare Kashi Halwa, one must use fully mature ash gourd, which is heavy for its size. When cut it should be firm and not spongy. The vegetable should be peeled, washed, deseeded and grated. The gratings should be squeezed to remove all the water content. The gratings should be dry. Do not throw away the water. It can be used as vegetable stock for preparing soups or even sambar or rasam or dal.


Grated and squeezed ash gourd : 2 cups
Milk : 1 cup
Sugar : 1 cup
Ghee : 3 tbsp.
Saffron : 2 – 3 strands
Orange food color : a pinch
Cashew nuts(broken) : 1 tbsp
Raisins : 1 tbsp.
Cardamom powder : ½ tsp.

Boil the milk and cook the grated and squeezed ash gourd in the milk. (I did it in a pressure cooker, so that by the time the ash gourd cooks the milk also thickens). Mix the saffron in a little milk and add to the cooked ash gourd. Mix the food color also in a little milk and add to the cooked ash gourd. In a heavy bottomed pan, heat 2 tbsp. of ghee and saute the cooked ash gourd in it for 5 minutes, Add the sugar and keep stirring until all the sugar is absorbed and the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan. Add one tbsp. of ghee and mix well. Add the cardomom powder and remove from the stove. Heat the remaining ghee in a pan and add the cashew nuts and raisins. When the cashew nuts turn light pink in color pour onto the halwa. Mix well.

Enjoy the delicious Kashi halwa!


Anonymous said...

Mami, Kashi halwa asaadhyam!

Appidiye kodhumai halwa-kkum recipe thaangolen!

Ammupatti said...

Oh, besha podalame. Just wait till I get time to make it so that it will come with the photos.

Kashi halwa panninela?

Anonymous said...

Indha weekend try pannaporen. Shall let you know how it turns out. Yes.. recipe with pics.. that'll be awesome!

enkaykay said...

i think this recipe sounds like what north india calls dudhi ka halwa. but what is this kodhumai halwa? kabhi suna nahin

Anonymous said...

enkaykay - wait and watch.. :)

anyways Mami.. waiting for the recipe and yummy pic

All the recipes match so much with my mother's way of preparation.. I am just amazed with the same. and no need to call up someone for the recipes.. :).. am also able to surprise my in-laws with this chamayal.. U ROCK..

Niyas said...

Kashi Halwa:

Thanks for the recipe... and it..s good...

i have prepared but something is missing somewhere else... ( probably it should have...)

Niyas K A

Ammupatti said...

Hi niyas

What is missing? Did u follow the recipe to the letter? better luck next time.

Collection Of Stars said...

Hi Ammupatti, I followed your resipe for Kashi Halwa. It came out well and my 1.5 year old daughter loved it. Thanks :)
I have presently having trouble with what to feed my daughter. Any tips/dishes/suggestions from your side would help. Thanks :)

Ammupatti said...

Hi Stars

Give the child whatever she likes.Now when I think of what I gave my kids when they were of that age, I remember giving them lots of mashed vegetables and dals with salt and ghee mixed in rice and also curds rice, Idlis and dosas. Only be careful about the spices.

njoy bringing up your baby.

Deepa Karthik said...

Today, I tried Kashi Halwa, as per your recipe...It came out very well.....Thanks for the recipe:)

Thanu said...

Hi, My MIL was fretting about some leftover ashgourd and when i googled for the halwa recipe, yours was the first in the search results. I followed your recipe except i didnt use the exact measurements.The taste was really good. Everyone including my MIL loved it. Thanks for a foolproof recipe [:D]

Harini said...

Hi bhagavathy, ur halwa looks bright and yummy , had this halwa only in marriages (incluiding mine :-))I'm gonna try this as an extra sweet for diwali... i believe it should come out awesome...
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