Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hope everyone had a sumptuous Onam.

We celebrated Onam by making a traditional pookalam (with hand collected flowers) and of course, the traditional Onasadhya (Onam feast). We had sambar, aviyal, olan, puliinji, naranga achar, pappadam, pazham, salted chips and sweet chips and Palada Pradhaman (recipe later).  Onam was all the more enjoyable because our elder son is with us to celebrate Onam and also because I could send some Onam goodies over to our younger son and family through a friend.
I am still unable to type long posts, so I will end this here. More later.


Janaki said...

Welcome back !! I used a lot of your recipes for my Onam Sadhya.
Your pookalam looks different because it was done with flowers you collected as opposed to bought.

Anonymous said...

Hello mami. I am a huge fan of your blog. I hail from palakkad. I was wondering if you have the recipe for chenai molagootiam.

Anonymous said...

Hello mami,

I am your long time silent reader :)
good to see 2 posts back to back..
I hope everything is ok with you and your lovely family.. Take care...

Sujatha R

deep krishna said...

Very glad to read your blogs..I always love and respect our tradition,and glad to see you are writing them down in detail,this is definitely a record for posterity.
You must have FaceBook page too..
Thanks 44 sharing these valuable info...