Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Cloud nine (pun definitely intended)

One of the problems I faced towards the end of 2011 was my inability to use my computer to my full satisfaction; my Mac Mini crashed. Our elder son, who is a doctor (but knows a lot about computers technically) reported to his younger brother (the software engineer) who is in the USA. In typical NRI style he said, "the computer is very old, throw it and buy a new one". Doctor that he is, whose mission it is to revive everyone or thing, whatever condition they or it may be in, going to any extent, our elder son tried his best to revive the computer in the two days that he had before he went back. He was not able to install all the software, yet he managed to make it functional enough for my basic needs. My younger one gave me an ipad recently, which I use for mail, chatting and browsing the net. Yet I feel comfortable writing my blog on my desktop computer. However, in its revived avatar, it wouldn't perform many of the functions the way it used to; it felt different. We could not install iPhoto, which meant I could not download photos from my camera and upload to my photo album online. Each time I encountered a problem with the computer, our elder son would give me directions as to what to do over long distance phone and I would execute it; but the one thing which never happened was uploading photos from my desktop to the site. I did everything that our son said, but the computer would not obey my command. The never say die attitude in me made me sit at the computer every day, and  finally, I was able to upload photo from my computer this morning.



Anonymous said...

congrats on getting ur comp back.
what a coinicidence that the kolam outside our house for pongal was the same. (presuming that the snap u ve put up is of pongal day)

Anonymous said...

install a desktop sharing application; then your son in US can do any help/maintanance in your computer remotely :) It is a lot easier than instructing through phone:) I like your blog.

AquaM said...

Lovely blog and i jsut went through a few posts. Its like homecoming.