Sunday, November 28, 2010

Karthigai 2010

Hope everyone celebrated Karthigai in the traditional manner. We celebrated Karthigai this time at Jalandhar. All the neighbours had dia for Diwali and had just closed their Diwali lighting on the previous day, and we had dias once again on Full moon day. Jalandhar being in Punjab is the right place to have dias on Karthigai day as it is celebrated as GuruPoornima or Guru Nanak Jayanthi by Sikhs. We could not visit any Gurudwars to see their celebrations, though, as we were busy with Karthigai. We lighted lots of dias and as usual had Poriurundais and Neyyappam and Adai. I was wondering where to get Pori for Karthigai for sometime now. Interestingly, our neighbour gave us Pori and a piece of sugar candy as Prasad after Lakshmi Puja on Diwali day. I was surprised that for Deepa puja south and north have Pori as Neyvedyam. Unity in Diversity indeed.


Swathi said...

Nice karthigai Deepam Ammupatti. I made unniappam and Poriurundai also no adai this time.

Nalini said...

yes indeed Unity In diversity.
like we found out during my nephew's wedding. the customs are all the same through out India. only their placement in the religious calender is different. we ve Nolumbu in march (supposed to be praying for husbands life or longevity) and north has it as Karva Chauth sometime after Navaratri

Narayan Swamy said...

How is it that you are in Jalandhar quite often these days?

Happy Karthigai.