Monday, January 25, 2010

Long Timeout

I am in the midst of a very long timeout from my blog. I have been very busy with some very happy upcoming family events. I will of course write about all of it once we are done next month. While it is a very exciting time for us, unfortunately it has left me with very little time to even sit at a computer let alone write.

In the meantime, I wanted to link to another blog in the ever expanding Blandings Media Empire. Gally says is written by my handsome and charming son and is a very entertaining read. Please enjoy the blog.

Let's hope I can be back in a couple weeks. Until then, I hope you all had a good Pongal and will have a good Sivarathri.


Anonymous said...


I very much enjoy your blog..

There is a recent movie ' Julie and Julia'. Guess you would enjoy it.. Its about cooking and blogging! watch it if you have not watched already


Lux said...

very happy upcoming family events - Ammupatti , Is your son getting married/ Related to some marriage in the family ? My intuition says so :)

Hope all goes well.

Take Care

Liana said...

Very glad to find your blog too!
I am adding as one of my favorites to my own. I will read it carefully.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammupatti,
I came across your blog a year ago while I was googling a recipe and I'd forgotten about it until now. I'm yet to read almost all your posts. I gather that you are a mother of two sons. In this context, I'd like to ask you some questions which are personal in nature. Is there an email address I can contact you at?

Anonymous said...

Just today by chance I read your very well written thoughts Ammupatti. I was about to close and my eyes struck on Puthucode. Our house name is Puthukode and we have a group mail for our family members to share our thoughts. Our great grand parents moved from Puthucode to Kochi almost a Century ago hence the house name Puthukode. We are so much addicted to food we always remind ourselves that our deity is Annapoorneshwari. Last 2 days we were sharing our thoughts on the recipes of our late grand mother(passed away a few months back at 94). She used to make our favourite Pulichaar and Kozhukkattai (we also use meat in it). During Ramadan after the early morning supper we swear to God not to eat, drink and to protect us from all vices. Our other relatives (not from Puthucode) used to joke at us that the swearing of Puthukodeans goes "Pazhanchottukum, Pulinchattukum aasai vekkathe aandavane" Nice to meet you here Patti. I feel the beauty of writing when I read your posts. I'll keep in touch.