Thursday, March 05, 2009

Important festivals in March 2009

10th March 2009 - Maasi Pournami (all Maasi Pournami related posts)
The full moon day in each Tamil month falls on a different star or nakshatra and that day is generally known by the name of the star. In the month of Thai (January-February) it falls on Poosam nakshatram and hence known as Thai Poosam. In the following month, Maasi (February-March) it falls on the Makam nakshatram and known as Maasi Makam, though in our parts it is more popularly known as Maasi Pournami. Offering of Payasam to Lord Siva after the moon rises and distributing the payasam to children are the important rituals of the day.

14th March 2009 - Karadayan Nonbu (2008, 2007, all Nonbu related posts)
As I had written earlier, this particular pooja is offered at the time of the birth of the new month Panguni (Meena) which varies every year. This year the Sankramanam (time of birth of the new month) is at 2.54 pm and hence pooja and neyvedyam to be offered at that time. Neyvedyam - Adai

27th March 2009 - Ugadi
Ugadi is the new year day for Telugus as well as Kannadigas


Janaki Gopikrishna said...

ammupatti, you could have given holi also some attention , anyways its not a gr8 festival in south india so its okay

Anonymous said...

Thanks ammupatti for giving this guideline.It definitely helps people like me who live far away.

Please do continue this monthly ritual.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mami,

I am a regular visitor to your blog and find it extremely useful. PLs continue your good work. although irrelevant to this article, I was wondering if you can pls let me know how to make 'Mai' for keeping dristi pottu for our daughter. I am based in US and cannot find any suitable method, If you know pls post or pls let me know another way to contact you for this

UjjU said...

Dear Mami,

Ugadi, the New Year festival is not only celebrated by teluguites & kannadigas, but also by Kashmiris, Sindhis, Maharashtrians & Goans. :)


Ammupatti said...

Hi UjjU

Yes I know Ugadi is celebrated by people of other states as well, but the festival is known by some other name, like GudiPadwa(maharashtrians).

Happy Ugadi

AMIT said...
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