Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recipe: Maasi Pournami Payasam

The payasam made on Maasi Pournami day invariably was made with milk, jaggery and rice. It had a special taste, as it was made with milk from the home reared cow which grazed on natural organic grass. The method is very simple and it tasted delicious.


Rice: 4 tbsp.
Full cream milk: ½ litre
Powdered jaggery: 1 cup

Boil the powdered jaggery with 1 cup of water. When the jaggery dissolves, strain to remove the impurities and sand particles. Keep aside.

Wash and drain the rice. In a pressure cooker add the milk and 2 cups of water and bring to boil. Add the rice and lower the heat. Place the weight on the weight valve, when there is a steady steam coming out. Cook for 20 minutes and switch off the stove. When the pressure cooker cools down, open the lid and add the strained jaggery mixture and boil until the payasam thickens.

Offer to the Gods and enjoy with your family and kids from the neighbourhood.

May your kids have a long and healthy life!


Asha said...

Slurp!! Very delicious!:)

Anonymous said...

The milk from the cow next door makes it very special.

Anonymous said...

Made paal payasam as per your recipe. The result was absolutely lip smakcing. Thank you so much. I plan to make this soon. Thank you so much.


Aparna said...

We do this also. Only I make the payasam with sugar.

Rekha said...

Hi! Came upon your blog very recently. Really loved reading your Puthucode memories. I am from Cochin and my husband from Ayakkad village quite close to Puthucode.We are based in Muscat and my in-laws live at Ayakkad.. Only once did i get a chance to be in Puthucode for Navatri. We really enjoyed the puthucode pulinkari which the place is famous for. Would you be having a recipe for this dish? Tried replicating the dish at home (with info from various sources) but never turned out the way it was at the temple. You are doing a great job of posting traditional recipes on your blog!

Ammupatti said...

Hi Rekha

I am glad you could visit Puthucode during Navarathri. It is the best time to be in Puthucode. I am planning to post the recipe of Puthucode Pulinkari. You may see it here very soon.
As you said the taste of the temple pulinkari can never be replicated. So many other ingredients make it the way it tastes, the Blessings of Bhagavathi, for instance!