Saturday, September 01, 2007

Recipe: Idiyappam/Noolpittu

Noolpittu or Idiyappam is also a favorite Kerala breakfast item and Kerala Iyers prepare Sevai a cousin of Noolpittu. This again is a very simple oil free snack.

1. Rice flour: 1cup
2. Salt
3. Hotwater 1 cup

Roast the rice flour very lightly. Cool. Add the hot water and salt and mix with a spatula to firm dough. Fit the Anju thattu nazhi with the plate with tiny holes. Fill with the prepared dough. Press onto perforated plates or idli plates and steam until done.

Remove and serve with sweetened coconut milk.

Needless to say, this is my second post for JFI Rice (first: Aappam).


Anonymous said...

Hi Ammupati,

Wow, I didnt know that making idiyappam was so easy.... Wont the maavu stick if I just do this? My amma makes sevai, which I love... But I dont have a sevai nazhi here.... This seems like a good substitute... Can I make thenga-sevai etc out of this and have it with chutney??


Anonymous said...

Hi Ammupati,

After posting the comment, I couldnt get the recipe out of my head and I was also blown away by the ease of your recipe that I decided to try it... I

t turned out great and tasted very similar to sevai... Because the maavu was very stiff, I had to use 1.3 cups of water instead if one.. But it was yummy...


Ammupatti said...

Hi Hema

I am glad you got satisfactory result with this recipe. Best wishes. Different varieties of rice need different quantities of water.

My friend makes all types of sevai , like thengai sevai, lime sevai, etc. with this idiyappam. I havn't tried though.

Try and let me know.


Anonymous said...

so this is ur wasy to make sevai,iddiappam.
thanks for the same

prema said...

i am using sevai cooker to make sevai u can make sevai very easy in this

sanjana reddy said...

I have tried this recipe. it was awesome.. thanks a lot.. For north indian recipes check at Indian Recipes