Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Time Out

I'm gone on a trip to Chennai for a few days. Posting resumes when I get back!


Inji Pennu said...

Dear Ammupatti, I just want to hug you. The right site I was looking for. What a wonderful site you have! Hope you write loads and loads of recipes here. Came thru Indiras links.

renuramanath said...

hi ammupatti,
i've found your blog only quite recently. being deeply interested in the evolution of kerala's cuisine, i am really interested to know of the contribution of kerala iyers towards it.
can you post more articles related to the evolution of the kerala iyer cuisine as different from that of tamil nadu iyers ? like, how the kerala specialities became adapted into the iyer kitchens ? also, i've read that the many of the kerala iyers who were employed as cooks in the royal palaces of trvancore and kochi had contributed generously towards the evolution of kerala cuisine. and everybody knows that sambar and rasam were introduced into kerala's kitchens by the iyers. also, the idly-dosa-vada-uppuma range of snacks.
do post more articles giving such information.

Ammupatti said...

Hi Renu

I shall do a post on the evolution of Kerala iyer cuisine shortly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ammupatti,
I love your blog specially your childhood remeniscences and your wonderful Puducode. I think you should write a book. I think I envy you for the good times that you have had. Please blog more about those with all the appropriate pictures and the littlelest details.

Anonymous said...
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