Saturday, January 21, 2006

deferred sradham

We had a very important religious function to perform, the sradham for my in-laws.The vadhyar had told us, before we left for the US, that we could perform the sradham on our return, in case we could not perform in the US on the appointed days. In such case , the sradham can be performed on some specific days, Ashtami or Ekadasi of the Krishnapaksha in any month. He also said that it could be a hiranya sradham with food for the brahmins or with offering of rice and vazhakkai or the elaborate parvana sradham with Homam and food for the brahmins. There was a debate on what type of sradham to be performed ( considering our already depleted energy levels ) - parvana sradham calls for elaborate arrangements before the sradham and a continuous 8 hours work on the sradham day, including the elaborate cooking. I couldn't think of performing a sradham without homam and finally we decided upon the parvana sradham. We performed the sradham (a deferred one) on the 23nd December.

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Sarma sastrigal said...

Sradham cannot be deferred at our will. It is absurd to say that Sradham can be postponed or performed at our leisure, say after return from abroad trip. Sradham has to be performed at the specified thithi at any cost, only the exeption being it can be postponed only if the kartha has to undergo any asoucha period.