Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Recipe: Anand's birthday cake

Also christmas cake. Huge. Plenty of nuts and so forth. First off I had about 2 lbs of fruit (walnut, cranberries, raisins, almonds, cashew nuts, lemon rinds, pineapple, dried ginger, figs, pecans, cherries, dates) marinated in plenty of rum sitting there for about a month. Rest of the recipe:

Flour: 250g
1 cup butter (2 sticks), softened
1 cup brown sugar (packed)
6 eggs
1/2 oz. baking (unsweetened) chocolate, melted
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp garam masala

Cream the butter and brown sugar until fluffy and then beat in the eggs, one at a time. Add the chocolate, nuts and marinated fruit and stir. (You'll likely need to do this by hand.) Add the flour and remaining dry ingredients. Mix well - the batter wil lbe heavy.

Packed the batter into the largest pan we had (13 x 8 i think). Bake at 300 degrees for 2 hours plus 10 - 15 minutes. Check for doneness with a toothpick at the two hour mark; when it comes out clean, it’s done. When the cake is cool enough to handle, remove from the pan and move to a rack to finish cooling.

Westerners usually spend the next month pouring brandy into the cake. we've done our brandy pouring into the fruits.

Stolen from here: http://www.martinirepublic.com/item/bourbon-fruitcake/


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Your remark "stolen from here" made me laugh. Your Blog is very interesting,
I will visit it regularly.
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Tamillian in Trivandrum now living in UAE