Tuesday, October 25, 2005


halloween is big festival in the US.People keep heaps of pumpkins in front of their houses.They also have spooky decorations in the front yard, like skeletons, spiders, ghosts, etc. Towards the end of the month people carve pumpkins and keep lanterns in them.

They make pumpkin pies and icecreams and cakes and what have you. When you drive thru any farming district, you can see patches and patches of pumpkins in various shapes and colours and sizes. We saw a pumpkin which weighed about 620 kg. in a festival in halfmoon bay.

Halloween, I understand is celeberated as a harvest festival, as well as a festival to remember the forefathers.

The pumpkins in the frontyard, reminds me of the vishukani and kolu in our places. And also, around the same time of the year, we in India, observe the Mahalaya Paksha, when we offer special prayers to our forefathers.

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Your blog is simply fabulous...my sister messaged me a few days back to check out your site, have managed to navigate through a good part of your blog..absolutely fabulous. I am a Tamilian from Kerala now in the US and so can totally connect with a good part of it, though I am from a totally different generation..thank you so much for a blog worth reading.